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"Great design is transparent."

We believe that the most memorable thing about your website should not be the site itself. It should be the information people recieved while on the site. Being based in the San Francisco Bay Area, cultural emphasis is often placed on elegance and a nice design as an end in itself. While this is a valid idea in some fields, it is not in web design. Rather than beauty being the end goal, seamless, streamlined functionality should be the end goal. When the website does precisely what you want it to do - informing and calling your viewers to action - elegance and beauty will arise from the functionality.

We begin the web design with two questions:

  • What problem do you solve for your customers?
  • What do you want them to do after they see the site? (e.g. purchase a product, contact you, be informed)

As we proceed to design and content, these questions are always kept as our guiding principles through the entire project. You need someone to help you transition from the macro (a feeling, a need, an action, etc.) to the micro (image choice, copy, page order, etc.). We make that smooth and easy for you. Our job is to wholistically turn your vision into a powerful web experience. Penny on the Rail can make you your dream site.

What's with the name?

An old wives' tale says that one can derail a train by placing a penny on its rail. Our company helps you to derail your viewers' trains of thought - your site is fresh, catchy, informative. Whatever they're doing, it demands their complete attention. Your web presence is a penny on the rail of their train of thought.